Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Holiday Season Fixtures 2

OK, so it didn't all go exactly to plan! I expected us to lose to Everton - check back, you will see that this is true - but I was disappointed to come away from the Stadium of Light with no points against struggling Sunderland, especially as they were on the back of a 4 - 0 hiding by Man U. Losing that game 3 - 1 was a tad hard to swallow. Never mind, January 2nd saw the last match of the festive season and we entertained Derby County at home - they are on the bottom of the league and we should have had no trouble dispatching them - well, we won, but the question must be asked - is a 1 - 0 home win against the bottom club in the league, with the goal scored in injury time in the 2nd half the kind of form which we need to keep us in the Premier League this season?

I hope things improve somewhat - though given that we lost 1 - 0 at home to Sheffield United in the FA Cup yesterday, things look a bit bleak at the moment.

Ah well, we are at home to our 6-fingered cousins from Blackburn on Sunday - we really could do with 3 points from that match.


Bridget Jones said...

Hey Billy,
Bridget used to be big on football, but she's otherwise engaged these days ha! Still, she's a forever Liverpool-first fan, 2nd United, 3rd Everton, 4th Arsenal, 5th Chelsea.. 3rd, 4th & 5th favourites vary... I know.. ;)

I tried to figure out what team you support but I'd have to google the results to find out! I might as well ask you ha! ;)

Thanks for your interest in Bridget's diary, I sent you an invite, please let me know if you received it.

MamaDuck said...

Hello you! Happy New Year in your lovely new home. Yeah!