Thursday, 24 January 2008

Isn't Google Wonderful!

I have been hard at work all week - it came as a shock!

School finished on December 17th and started again on January 13th. We were in for 1 day then we had George Bush day (a day off, read about it lower down the blog here, if you don't know about it), then back to work for a day (15th January) then two days off for the rain (here) then it was the weekend! No repeat this week though - 5 days at work this week, gosh it has come hard! You get out of practice.

Anyway that's part of the reason I haven't blogged much this week, but only part of it.

Do you remember these pictures:

Skopelitan blooms


For Thea

Well, Thea and keefiboy and Marion and her husband Pip (who is a gardener) all questioned the reality or otherwise of my photographs!

So, and this is where the title of the post comes in - I've been doing various google image searches trying to find some way of verifying that these flowers are not a figment of my Photoshop.

Eventually I searched for bi-color flowers (yes, I know, color should have a u in it but, I guess when you want the search to be successful you spell things wrong! About 30 or so pages of images later I found a single coloured flower that looked like mine. It is called Mirabilis Jalapa so I did an image search on that and on page five I found this:

Park Seeds Co

on the Park Seed Co website. Whilst the posh name is Mirabilis Jalapa, it is apparently more commonly known as 4-O'Clock Broken Colors, (broken colors for obvious reasons and 4 o'clock because that is the time in the evening when the flowers open - apparently).

Thank you Bridget who did believe me!


Mars said...

i've seen flowers like that so didn't doubt you at all :)

dubaibilly said...

Thank you Mars!

MamaDuck said...

Take a look at this site!