Saturday, 19 January 2008

Thinking About Skopelos

I have been spending some time trawling through my photographs on my hard drive recently, and whenever I do that I always look at my photo's taken on Skopelos. I guess it is a bit odd that a blog called "Waiting for Skopelos" has virtually nothing about Skopelos on it. What I've decided to do, then is rectify this so that you, dear reader, can see something of the island that will be my home.

As you are already aware, I get a lot of enjoyment out of taking close-up photographs of flowers, so, before I show you some pictures of Skopelos itself, I though I would put up some of the flower photo's I have taken there. Now, at the moment I only go there in July and August so the photo's are limited to flowers that are out in that season:

A Humming Bird Moth Feeding

I'm sure that Humming Bird Moths exist elsewhere, but I have only ever seen them on Skopelos. These were taken in the garden of the Monastery of Aghia Barbara on Mt Palouki

A Humming Bird Moth Feeding

Bougainvillea abounds allover the island


And is one of the few flowers that I can actually name!

Skopelitan blooms

I have only ever seen these beautiful flowers on Skopelos and its neighbouring island, Alonnisos. There are also white and pink ones that only come out at night.


Jayne said...

I honestly don't think I've EVER seen a photo of a bougainvillea with such clarity. It is absolutely PERFECT!

Thea said...

Dear Skopelos friends

I have a hard time believing the dual tone hybiscus. Are you fooling us? Photoshop, perhaps?


dubaibilly said...

I didn't realise that these were hybiscus Thea, but no, they haven't been photoshopped, these are real! I must admit that I was stunned when I first saw them, I couldn't believe my eyes either.