Monday, 28 January 2008

Notice Anything Unusual...

in the days that I have blogged?

This year (alright, it's only 28 days old) I haven't yet blogged on a Friday!

Why not?

'Cos I can't get on the internet on Friday!


It's right, for the last three weekends I have not been able to connect to the internet on a Friday (this weekend it was Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

This is what happened:

3 weekends ago I was cut off by Etisalat - hadn't paid the bill, my fault, mea culpa and all that. Paid the bill and waited to be reconnected - happened a day later.

2 weekends ago, Thursday evening (remember our weekend is Friday/Saturday) arrives - no internet. Phone to complain, now Etisalat's techie people are usually pretty good, they couldn't get me back on - told me that it looked to them as if I was connected and they couldn't find a fault, they would get an engineer out to check the line.

Sometime during Saturday connection comes back. Sunday an Etisalat engineer wants to come and check the line, I tell him the line is fixed.

This weekend. Thursday morning - no connection. Thursday afternoon when I get home from work - no connection. Phone call to Etisalat's techie people - same result - can't find a fault, get an engineer out.

Off all day Friday, off all day Saturday, off Sunday morning.

Sunday an engineer phones Mrs Dubaibilly - wants to get in the house - no says Mrs DB (remember we have got a cat that is worth more than I am) you should have warned us that you were coming. Engineer says no probs, I will check the line outside and if I still need to get in I will let you know. Never phoned again.

Sunday evening - no connection.

Monday morning - connected again.

Now look, I'm not knocking Etisalat here. I don't know what is happening.

I've got a mac - perhaps it doesn't talk to the linksys wireless thing at weekends, perhaps the linksys wireless thing doesn't talk to Etisalat at weekends.

I dunno.

But I'm getting a bit hacked off about it.

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CaliforniaKat said...

This will get you ready to encounter OTE, LOL! We got our connection hooked up in 3 days (a miracle, I assure you), but after a month, it's acting up. Dropping whenever it wants, sometimes only available from 1:30-7:30 a.m. as if that's convenient or giving no signal for days. Support can't find anything wrong.

I suspect it's not your Mac because I've got one on wireless also and it works fine in other countries. :) Hmmm, I won't try Dubai though from what you're saying.