Thursday, 17 January 2008

Baggins 3

Snaz asked about Baggins' name, so I thought I'd tell you about him.

His name is (as in Bilbo and Frodo) taken from Tolkein (The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings). We got him from the Silmarilion Cattery and as any Tolkein fan will tell you, The Silmarillion is Tolkein's History of Middle Earth. All their cats have names taken from Tolkein's fantasy world.

Now, when we first ordered a cat from this particular cattery, I knew nothing about the name of the cattery (Mrs Dubaibilly did all the ordering) or about their method of naming their cats - I just saw a picture of the cat we were going to get and suggested we called him Gandalf (as in Gandalf Grey Beard to give Gandalf his full name). Mrs DB agreed. Unfortunately, just before Gandalf came to us he fell ill and the owner of the cattery decided not to sell him and gave us the choice of other kittens. We decided on one, but Mrs DB refused to have this one called Gandalf so I suggested Baggins and once again she agreed.

When I found out the name of the cattery I was very surprised! I hadn't expected that characters from my favourite book would be amongst the pedigree names of cats in an Italian cattery!

Baggins pedigree name is Silmarilion Nenuail (Nenuail meaning Sunset's Lake) and this is what he looked like as a kitten.

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Bridget Jones said...

What a beautiful cat and such an adorable kitty he was! Bridget likes Baggins, more more more on him please!

Ever thought of taking him a lil in the rain, just a lil, just so he knows what it's like really? :) There's nothing like experiencing first hand ha!

Billy, your pics are up on Bridget's blog!